In addition to hazardous materials, there are certain items that you shouldn't throw away in a dumpster. These include asbestos, pesticides, motor oil, automotive fluids, contaminated soil, and medical waste products such as needles.A company that evaluates that these can be harmful for the environment and the people who handle them. That's why there are specific guidelines on how to dispose of these items.

Aerosol cans are safe to throw in a dumpster

When disposed of properly, aerosol cans are safe to throw in a dumpster. They are made of aluminum or steel and hold a product to be dispensed. The product is then pressurized with a propellant to create a spray. According to County Waste and Recycling, this type of waste can be recycled.

However, before disposing of an aerosol can, it must be empty. The content of the can could explode if not disposed of properly. This is a concern because the cans can contain hazardous materials.


Batteries can be hazardous to the environment. They are composed of heavy metals and toxic chemicals. If they are not disposed of properly, they can leak into the environment. Moreover, batteries can also leak harmful chemicals into groundwater and surface water. These pollutants can harm humans and animals. To avoid this, batteries should be recycled properly. This procedure is relatively easy and safe.

There are different types of batteries. Some types of batteries are safe to dispose of in the trash, while others are not. Alkaline batteries are safe to discard in dumpsters, while rechargeable batteries and silver oxide batteries are not. Putting batteries in the garbage will only cause environmental problems. Also, batteries pose an occupational hazard for sanitation workers. They can cause accidents when thrown into heavy equipment or roadside debris. The spray of acid from exploding batteries has also caused several injuries to garbage workers. Most disposal facilities compress or burn batteries to reduce the volume. However, the compression and heat of the batteries can cause the batteries to explode.

Chemical cleaning products

In order to keep your environment as safe as possible, you should not throw any chemical cleaning products into a dumpster. These products can leak toxic materials and may cause a fire. Additionally, improper disposal of them could result in fines from local environmental authorities. For this reason, it is important to check with a local dumpster rental company before disposing of any chemical products.

Some of the hazardous materials that you should not place in a dumpster are paint, herbicides, pesticides, and gasoline. These materials can be harmful to the environment, to animals, or the water supply. In addition, these waste materials can be corrosive and acidic.

Yard waste

Dumpsters rental are typically designed to hold trash, so it's important to check with your local government to determine what can and cannot be disposed of. Local governments typically have the most accurate information about local regulations, including pick-up schedules and specialized waste disposal services. State-level environmental protection agencies can also provide additional information about trash collection.

When it comes to yard waste, you can't just throw it in a dumpster. There are special requirements for these materials. Some landfills will not take them, so you should find out what is accepted by your local municipality.


Dumpsters rental are not the best place to get rid of your unwanted furniture. Furniture is usually full of hazardous materials that require special disposal. Some communities even prohibit the dumping of mattresses and furniture. It is best to donate these items instead. In many cases, they can be used as firewood or even resold.

If you are thinking about dumping a couch or another large item in a dumpster, it's a good idea to disassemble the pieces first. This will help prevent any potential legal issues. You will have to cut off the padding and fabric, and may need to remove the wood frame as well. While this is free, it does take a lot of time. Another option is to hire a dumpster rental company to remove your furniture for you. Junk removal companies usually have trained haulers who can remove and recycle your unwanted items.