Paranormal investigations in Thousand Oaks California are not confined to finding ominous creatures in pipes. There are other paranormal phenomena that have been reported in this area, including ghostly Confederate widows, disembodied voices, and ghostly figures. The following blog post about Thousand Oaks plumbing at Candu Plumbing & Rooter is a list of some of these paranormal stories and evidence.

Paranormal Investigations in Thousand Oaks California

Paranormal Investigations in Thousand Oaks California aren’t new to the town. In fact, this historical city has been the site of paranormal activity for years. Paranormal investigations are now conducted in places as varied as a pizzeria and a library. One pizzeria is said to be haunted by the ghosts of prisoners and hangings, while another has been visited by threatening entities.

Creatures found in pipes

A dog’s recent attack by an albino cobra has led Southern California animal control officers on a hunt to capture the snake. The albino monocled cobra is a deadly snake with neurotoxin venom. Animal control officers are warning the public to keep dogs and cats indoors, close doors and stay away from snakes.

The snake is more active early in the morning and evening. If your child is playing on your lawn, make sure to keep them away from animal burrows and pipes. It may be hiding in one of these places for days before it comes out. It’s important to note that the snake’s burrow may be located in a culvert.

Ghosts of former inmates

People have reported hearing crying noises, seeing apparitions, and smelling pipe smoke in this town. Some have even witnessed the ghostly presences of Charlie, Violet, and Donald. Other witnesses have reported seeing a red orb near a woman, indicating a tragedy to come.

Ghosts of Confederate widows

Paranormal investigators have recorded evidence of ghostly activity in a Thousand Oaks plumber home. A haunted house once housed the victims of a massacre and possesses the souls of those who died in the dust bowl. A haunted hotel also contains the ghost of a slave that haunts the cellar. In the old mansion, a guest captures a shadow figure on video. In a Civil War mansion, a hobby horse moves by itself and a ghostly lady with a lantern is captured on film.

In California plumbing, where the majority of people are Unionists, there are strong feelings against secession. But the Secessionist party is much more influential than its numbers would suggest. As states seceded from the Union, the Confederate states started looking toward California. Don McDowell, an author of The Beat of the Drum, wrote, “After the states seceded, they began looking westward toward California.”

Paranormal investigators have recorded EVPs from an orb that appears to be a girl’s face. The woman believes it is the spirit of her deceased grandmother. The paranormal team also records EVPs from an actress, a child, and a projectionist.

In one haunted building, a Civil War re-enactor finds the face of Colonel Andrew J. May. In another, a British paranormal team encounters the ghost of a ruthless captain and a cold little girl.

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